Our Fire Cloak Electric Vehicle Fire Blanket has arrived in Sark as the Sark Fire Service follow the ‘be prepared’ motto!

Forming part of the Channel Islands, Sark is located in the English Channel and has a population of around 600 people. Taking up only 2.10 square miles in size so, it’s not surprising, that the island is actually car- and vehicle-free apart from the odd tractor.

So, you might be wondering why the Sark Fire Service has ordered a Fire Cloak Electric Vehicle Fire Blanket from Prosol UK.

Well, the Fire Service has said it could use the blanket on the tractor if they ever suspect it might be needed. Plus, there is a battery storage facility on the island. As such, if any faulty lithium-ion batteries ever find their way into the facility, the blanket could be deployed to starve any potential fire of oxygen thus mitigating damage to the surrounding area.

“I must admit I was quite surprised to get a call from the Sark Fire Service last month,” explains Matt Butcher, our sales and marketing manager. “Having visited Sark in the past I knew there were no cars on the island but when I learnt about the tractor and the battery storage facility, it was clear that the Fire Service is all about being prepared should there be an issue with either.”

Better safe than sorry as the proverb says!