It’s always a pleasure to share stories of how our Fire Cloak™ EV fire blanket has been used to consolidate an electric vehicle fire. So, we’re pleased to be able to share this video from Fox 10 News of the Fire Cloak™ EV fire blanket deployment on a hybrid vehicle fire in a residential garage in Surprise, Arizona, USA.

The Fire Cloak™ EV fire blanket was used by the Surprise Fire Department, as a highly effective means of damping down the vehicle fire in its latter stages, bearing in mind the fire was already well established on the fire crew’s arrival.  Thankfully, no-one was hurt.

Fire blanket from Prosol UK used on hybrid vehicle garage fire

Fire blanket from Prosol UK used on hybrid vehicle garage fire

Explains Matt Butcher, sales and marketing manager for Prosol UK: “One of our US distribution partners, Stephens Truck, provided a Fire Cloak™ EV fire blanket to the Surprise Fire Department to trial.  It worked flawlessly when they used it to contain the remaining fire and prevent any further damage.”

“Both hybrid and electric vehicle fires are becoming more and more of a concern to firefighters so it’s fantastic to see how the Fire Cloak™ can assist, by killing the residual fire and mitigating potential reignition effectively.”

Concludes Matt: “I think the Fire Cloak™ may well be one of the first products in the USA to control a hybrid vehicle fire with a fire blanket. That’s some achievement and we couldn’t be prouder!”

If you’d like more information on the Fire Cloak™ which is available in a variety of different sizes to cover lithium-ion batteries, the standard Fire Cloak™ for electric and hybrid passenger cars and the Fire Cloak™ XL which can be used on light commercial vehicles and vans, contact Matt via email: