Here at Prosol UK, we’re very proud to be playing a small role in supporting fire crews in the UK and abroad to tackle the inevitable increase in electric vehicle fires.

As reported in this BBC News article, ‘top-up’ training for Essex Fire and Rescue Service is currently being delivered in the shape of a course entitled: how to deal with electric vehicle fires.

Explains Matt Butcher, sales and marketing manager for Prosol UK: “We have an extensive background in the development and worldwide distribution of electric vehicle safety equipment, tools and solutions. As such, we’ve been working with a number of ‘blue light’ services across the UK and the world to develop new products that will help deal with the challenges the emergency services are facing when dealing with EV fires.

“We pride ourselves on the fact that our Fire Cloak™ fire blanket is constantly physically tried and tested, and we are always looking at ways to improve the efficacy of our products via feedback from fire crews and their peers. This way of working is invaluable to the continued enhancement and effectiveness of such items and is an area that we remain focused on in order to further improve health and safety for every individual involved in the emergency services industry.”