We’re delighted to announce that we’re working with Savills UK and have recently supplied three of our Fire Cloak Electric Vehicle Fire Blankets for placement in and around the Braehead Shopping Centre in Glasgow.

Commenting on the project, Matt Butcher, sales & marketing manager for Prosol UK, said: “More and more shopping centre operators are approaching us to find out about the Fire Cloak. Savills and Braehead are leading the way in this area having purchased three blankets and demonstrating their commitment to providing the very highest levels of health & fire safety for both shoppers and retail staff.”

Continues Matt: “In shopping centre car parks, there are increasingly several numbers of electric vehicles parked next to, or nearby other such vehicles. If a fire breaks out in just one of these vehicles, it has the potential to spread and cause serious damage to other vehicles and surrounding property.

Fire Cloak on location at Braehead Shopping Centre in Glasgow

Fire Cloak on location at Braehead Shopping Centre in Glasgow

“If an electric vehicle fire is suspected in a shopping centre car park, the immediate course of action is to contact the emergency services. The next step would be to seek out an electric vehicle fire blanket and then deploy the blanket if safe to do so. This can now be done at Braehead Shopping Centre should the need arise.”

Concludes Matt: “Strategic placement of electric vehicle fire blankets throughout shopping centre car parks offers peace of mind for drivers and demonstrates a duty of care from the shopping centre management towards both their shoppers and staff.”