To support the continued training & education of personnel in relation to safe working with electric vehicles, we have created a video which shows how to deploy the Fire Cloak Electric Vehicle Fire Blanket by Prosol UK.

Made here in the UK using advanced fabric technology, the Fire Cloak Electric Vehicle Fire Blanket is specifically designed to be used as a containment measure in the event of a suspected electric vehicle fire.

Explains Andy Coulton, managing director of Prosol UK: “This video was filmed to demonstrate how two people can safely deploy the blanket if they think an electric vehicle might be in danger of igniting. And that’s a key sentence. We would never expect anyone to approach any vehicle that was already on fire. That job is solely the remit of the emergency services and professional firefighters. Once deployed you should retreat to an area at least 10 metres away from the vehicle and wait for the fire brigade to arrive.

Continues Andy: “Over the last few months, we have supplied our EV Fire Blankets to a wide variety of different organisations including top 100 Motor Dealer groups, independent workshops, vehicle bodyshops as well as ferry operators, car charging companies, airports, car park operators and Premier League football clubs.”

“Rightly, our clients acknowledge that they have a ‘duty of care’ to both their staff and customers and so make the Fire Cloak EV Fire Blanket available to assist in preventing catastrophic damage to a workshop, other vehicles, and the surrounding environment.”

If you have any questions or require further information, please don’t hesitate to contact the Prosol UK team on 0114 255 7700 or email