An electric vehicle charging station fire in Delhi has destroyed over 100 cars and taken seven fire engines to bring under control.

Luckily no-one was hurt in the blaze that occurred at the Jamia Nagar electric vehicle charging and parking station in the city.

The reason for the fire is yet to be concluded. A short circuit in one of the electric vehicle chargers has been mentioned as a possible cause by the firefighters who attended.

E-rickshaws, scooters and motorcycles were all irreparably damaged in the electric vehicle charging station fire as it spread throughout the extensive parking area.

In order to function efficiently, electric vehicle charging stations require high-voltage electricity. The chargers themselves are typically high-capacity DC current chargers and each one uses a huge amount of power that is delivered via a complex charging system.

Electric vehicle chargers are, of course, fitted with fail-safe systems such as fuse boxes that will cut the supply of the power automatically if there is a problem. Unfortunately, these systems occasionally fail themselves.

If an electric vehicle charger does catch fire, the electric vehicle being charged is at risk of igniting and he fire speeding quickly as demonstrated in this incident in Delhi.

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