Electric vehicle (EV) fires are set to become more commonplace as EV ownership increases across the globe.

This video captured on CCTV in an underground carpark in Shanghai, China shows just how quickly an EV – in this case a Tesla – can ignite and explode causing thermal runaway and potentially causing a huge amount of collateral damage.

Although the cause of this EV fire is unknown, it is more than likely that it is a result of damage to the battery sustained during an accident or simply a faulty lithium-ion battery at point of manufacture.

At the point this Tesla started to smoke, an electric vehicle fire blanket such as the ‘Fire Cloak’ Electric Vehicle Fire Blanket by Prosol UK could have been deployed and would have contained the fire until the emergency services arrived.

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Electric vehicle fires are only set to become more common as more of us switch from traditional petrol and diesel cars and EV ownership grows. From garages, charging points, shopping centres and car parks to ferry operators, recovery services, airports and road tunnels, having a ‘Fire Cloak’ Electric Vehicle Fire Blanket by Prosol UK to hand at various locations could mean the difference between effectively controlling an electric vehicle fire and experiencing widespread damage and, worst case scenario, loss of life.